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real estate investments

"not a job, a passion"

Soggiorno Maastricht


The main reason I invest in real estate is because I like it.
One of the main reasons for which I moved to Netherlands some years ago was for the architecture and urban planning of that country, I like the style of northern Europe and I try to bring it back to the houses I buy and sell in italy. 

Casa fronte mare

Real Estate Investment Area

I am currently investing in Italy in my home area in the Veneto region, but I have no territorial limits and I am willing to move throughout the national and foreign territory. I also follow the Spanish and Dutch real estate market, having lived there for more than 7 years. 

Case olandesi

Real Estate Investment Forms

The Italian types of property investment in the real estate market are many, such as the classic buying and selling, agreement in full and final settlement, transfer of the preliminary, sub-rent, auction, etc.
What I currently use is the auction sale, but I take into consideration and I also get updating on the other forms.

Paolo Guizzo

45 y.o. , Surveyor

Paolo Guizzo
Via Erizzo, 218
31030 Bigolino di Valdobbiadene (TV)
VAT: 05012810262
Tel. +39 328 3664770

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